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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

♥ So Black ♥

Decided to wore all black to work yesterday. 
Im so surprised that all my colleague were black too.
Firstly i gonna say im totally calm down myself and be dispassionate to write this post.

I don't like to read the newspaper because sometime its just so untrue
Felt sad when saw the newspaper yesterday about the chinese tsunami
I think all of you guys don't know what is that , so do i.
But it let me so down ,heart break and baffling
but i know that all of us must calm down ourselves avoid to drop into any traps.

I love my country , and proud to be Malaysian

Say no to racism , this is 2013 now and please have a enlightened, clever mind.
Think first before you say and do and judge anything

Hope you guys know what i say,