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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Didnt wear on my contact lens since last week, my eye inflamed again :( 

Since last week,
Right eye unstoppable tearing and stinging
and few days later

I cant believe that i almost blind and can see anything using my right eye! 
After consult doctor , medicine, eye drops im almost recovery 
I seems like trance without the color cons HA

I always plan to have a pink hair but due to my occupation now i cant get a weird hair (for somebody)


Hello my so shy HOT PINK HAIR!
Went to INN HOUSE studio a week ago and made this decision so suddenly
Got some hot pink highlighted on my hair, 

I hope can braces ASAP since i cant smile so naturally and im so embarrassing for my messy teeth
So ignore my weird lip shape

Holiday mode ON and im going to Genting tomorrow!
Yeah cant wait for the foggy foggy and cold weather♥