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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

♥ The very first post on 2013! ♥

Unbelievable its March 2013 and finally started for my first blog on 2013.
Of course I'm fine here but lazy to blog and idk why
當然懶惰寫部落格的結果就是readers 越來越少我會很傷心 :'(

 Okay i want to share some photos for you guys about my 2012 
And as i promised on beginning of the year 2012

Few targets on 2012

1. Have my own car

Yea i achieved it! On Dec 2012, i bought myself a car as my birthday present.

Although its only a cheap car for somebody, but so meant to me. 
I spent alots saving for my first car. I work hard and put great effort for my online business and full time job. It was a huge present for myself, ever.

But unluckily my Lil S been crashed by a careless lorry driver (i just get my car less than a month)

But as my friends said: 破財消災
I didn't get hurt and fine, that's more than everything.

2. Get a healthy lifestyle

Thanks my boyfie Mr.Ste always force me to exercises like gym, badminton and also have a walk after a heavy dinner.  If not remember wrong, i was almost 48kgs (156cm) when studied in Taiwan. You know why? I'm too lazy for exercises and i always skip the PE classes from high school to college life.
In 2012 i lose 9-10kgs without any medications but i have a bad habit ,that is skip meal :(  I know that is not a good choice but i used to it. And now i get anemia easily *cryy
So new target in 2013 that is keep the weight but get a super healthy lifestyle!

3. Say goodbye for those bad luck

Yea we're getting more better and better :)

4. Braces

I BOUGHT CAR AND IM SO BROKE. So this postpone to 2013 target 

I have a ugly mouth shape and its getting uglier :(

I want to smile naturally and pretty like Angelababy♥ *Mission impossible**

5. Piano Diploma exam 

I want to say sorry for myself i didn't achieve this target on 2012. I will put more effort and fulfill my dreams!!♥

6. Travel Abroad

I went to Taiwan twice a year on June and August 2012. How crazy i was! Haha
Maybe i should go Bangkok or Hongkong on Aug but its has passed.
New target on 2013 coming soon ♥♥

Some photos of Taiwan trips

 i miss 師大夜市 alotssss

Lastly, here's my new target on 2013♥

1. 健健康康, 平平安安
2. Travel mission 2013: Islands, Taiwan*again*, Korea or Japan.
3. More income, more saving $$
4. Braces
5. Piano diploma
6. New project 2013 for my online business can go through sucessfully (Please visit FB: MikiLilStar)

Gah Yao for myself♥