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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

♥ Ordinary 22th の 誕生日♥

Sorry if my swollen face make you frighten or something -.-  Its time to keep fit again,DUAPUI

Ok,lets say about my birthday, due to some trouble matter happen in this year so i decided dont want to celebrate my birthday like past.
And so we went to YECHANG! (means sing from midnight to next day morning)


outfit of the day

♥  new tassel boots!
the weather turned to winter on this month....

thanks for my babe Reily came from YUNLIN to accompany me =)
1.5 hour distance :')

and the guy~!! JY from TAIPEI
touched larh 真有心  :'(

and now till i know how much my babes are also the nice poser like me !!! =P

gay are always gay! hahas

and HELLO what are you doing? reading?!  *sweating

♥ my darlings 

all of us
Gao, Ken, Shawn,JY
Reily Babe,ME, Sugar Babe ♥


Hanging out with my dears on sun. 

with the guys

一中街 mr.38

still considering what to eat .....

pedas arh!!

and i buy something for myself
so called birthday present
but as you know i always have many excuse to buy present for my own  *shy ;)

*LANVIN eclat d'arpege is new favourite!

and the cute scrumpy notebook

thanks my 應日二甲's classmate~♥
its definately suit my blogspot background now hahas!

Lastly, Happy 22th birthday for me :)