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Sunday, June 27, 2010

♥ After exam ♥

Hello people!
Cant deny that i was really exhausted during final exam
my brain's memory usage are totally FULL
full of Japanese word,grammar and much types of sentence
its totally driving me crazy!!
Till now i still cant understand why somebody said japanese language were  EASY
it can change the sentence always,depend on your modal== much differents with chinese or english

Today goes Taichung City with ximei, and had a hair cut at BESS 99
Met a designer which are so nice,funny and friendly, called Jolin.

Consider to change my hair colour to BLACK again, but finally i was regret because my hair are really damage. Trying to make my hair more healthy.So i just cut my bang =)

After that we had a meal at 一中街's 小王子again! And it was become more crowded compare with last time.

♥ 小王子 ♥ 

my previous post blogged about this.

Addicted in their design and decorations very much =D 
remember to come here when you're coming to Taichung city!

a charming girl which had no more confidence for herself =(
hmph you're really pretty and cute ok?!

ordered a pasta with a cute's name - 小紅帽嫩雞義大利麵
I like Lil Red!  HAHA

My hair getting longer =D


I bought a lot of things today, stress GONE!
mostly are some gifts to my family and friends =) ♥

gotta back to my homeland soon
 Cant wait to see you all ♥♥♥♥