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Saturday, April 17, 2010

♥ Ya, its DOLLY WINK again! ♥

Halo everyone
sorry for long time waiting
I will showing Dolly Wink NO.1 to NO.5 for you guys =D
P/S : NO.2 stock arrived! so grab it now if you interested it

Dolly Wink eyelashes NO.1

i'm so exciting when felt the fake eyelashes's hair is same as the real hair. *hurray!!
Yea its really SOFT!!
and the terrier is transparent
so don't worry you no need to draw a vry thick eyeliner to cover em (but i am! :P)

 Dolly Wink eyelashes NO.5

This is Dolly Wink eyelash NO.5
my first time to put lower lash
quite nervous you know >.<
The terrier is transparent also
So Dont worry larh babe

All Dolly Wink's fakelashes come with the glue, quality same with Koji double eyelid glue
the pink colour one.

Here's some picture which im taken Last week

*my friend said my eyes same like Kitten that day!It looks charming
No bad right? Nicer than other brand
Worth to bought it =D

And one of my trouble is, i have no sense where to place my fake lashes

inside my cabinet


or inside my mirror -.- 

 few days later, MISSING T-T


So i bought this for them lor =D *hehe

Here's the PriceList:

Dolly Wink eyelash NO.1~NO.8  =   RM 49  each
Dolly Wink Eyeliner *Liquid*(Black)   =  RM 45  each
Dolly Wink Eyeliner *Pencil*(Black/Brown)  =   RM 38  each
 Dolly Wink fakelash glue  =   RM 38  each
Dolly Wink eyelash case  =   RM 23  each

(Fix Price, no No bargaining thanks♥)

Pos laju
West Malaysia
1~3 items = RM7
above = RM

East Malasia
1~3 items = RM12

Notice to all babes ~~
All ready stock in Taiwan, i will only post out when the order reach 10pcs items.
Reason: Im using international air transport (AKA EMS) to post out my things.More safer and faster.But the courier fee is more expensive so ...hope you know guys.
After posted out ,you can receive your items within 10days =)

For more information,
Kindly leave your msg in ma chat box ♥
p/s: sorry for my broken english, i've tried my best! =P
Love and Peace