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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

♥ Taiwan Trip June 2012 ♥

Hello everyone here i come
Its been really long long long time i didn't check here
Sorry guys and will be more update in future :)

Went to Taiwan again last few months
Really miss there alotsssss
This is not only for travel
For the delicious food, comfortable weather and the babes is the point♥
Unfortunately we met the monsoon and landslides so some of the activity has been cancelled.

Day 1 :  Taoyuan - Taipei City

 impatient face LMAO

Mr.J Restaurant by Jay Chou
Actually we should go for the other Mr.J Restaurant because this branch is not so attractive (or maybe the upstairs is having renovation) 
The food is quite tasty and i love the beverage more lol

Taipei 101
Mostly Korean there on that day and i tried to act like a Korean but its FAIL lol

Agnes B cafe , its located in Taiwan Hankyu shopping centre nearby 101
I went there just for my curiosity LOL
Its a nice place to take a rest after the unstoppable shopping YEAH

Day 2 : JiuFen九份, Taipei

And of course crowd of the people......

This i called them Popiah ice-cream, must eat! 
Highly recommended♥ 

Unstoppable eating again......

Long Q with my impatient face again >< sorry

After the long queue, finally i get my Ice YuYuan (Taro)♥ 

Nicee scene at JiuFen九份, Taipei

Day 3 : Taipei city AGAIN

Due to the bad weather problem we decided not to leave Taipei City for safety
because some of the place was flooding
I tried goggled some interested place in Taipei
and lastly we decided to go XiMenDing, ShiLin night market and RaoHe night market

How can you guys refuse the super cute kitty cat! ♥
This cafe located nearby ShiLin, here's the address
No. 129號, Fúhuá Road, Shihlin District  Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Famous 阿宗麵線 located at XiMenDing
its actually not mine lol

Alots of delicious food in RaoHe night market (饒河夜市)


Went to ShiDa night market (師大夜市) again....
TOP night market with nice food and clothes

Day 4 : Taichung

Taichung is my 2nd hometown, i miss there very much
Highly recommended this hostel at YiChung street (一中街,台中)
i 旅行

Quality and friendly service attitude with affordable price, GOOD!

Meet with the buddies and babes♥ 
MUch of love and kisses ♥ ♥ 

This is damn chio-ness


And nice shop at YiZhong street, i love there very much!
I went there every weekend when i was studied there ♥ 
Gosh its been 1 year++ ago T^T

Day 6 : Taichung-Taoyuan-Singapore-Malaysia

 Its time to back..... i miss my babes again ,
btw i will visit you again on this month (Aug) lol

Accidentally bought this at Taoyuan airport, 
Its more cheaper than Msia♥ 

Well its spend me 2 hours and finally i done this post
Enjoy this post all readers!