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Friday, December 24, 2010

♥ 修平迎新演唱會2010 ♥

Hellow everyone, here's all the pix on 12/22 my school organize's concert, its really awesome because seems like 100~200 audience?

2010 HsiuPing christmas concert located in our school's hall, hmm

the VERY SCARY one photographer, Tiger Chai

After almost 30minutes waste my life time waiting, first group singer finally coming out. This is 南拳媽媽, 宇豪looking cute here, but another one....hmm i dunno who is he>< But i think he looks like a Singapore famous hair stylist, DAVID GAN. *shyshy

And next show is........ DJ XX from LUXY TAIPEI. Luxy is the most famous club in Taipei

okay with the sexiest dancer from Taipei also, Christmas girl hahas,
Cant imagine this is my SCHOOL LOLZ
Taiwan mar xD Guys dont envy!

and next, 殺很大瑤瑤 with another guy, hmm i dunno who is he
but he's so cute ! hahas

He looks like Korean but actually come from China 

All the guys really like her and cant stop their crazy screaming, hmm i dunno.

he really like a Prince hahas 

and the last group singer,神木與瞳!!!!!
likes their song few years ago, its powerful and.....GREAT.

黃美珍looks cute with a super tiny body, hmm EVVY =((( and her voice damn nice and powerful too!!

Enjoy the video :P

Santa Claus is coming to town!
Gonna attend a party
Stay Tune