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Thursday, October 4, 2012

♥ Fav Sept ♥

I should address myself as a very part time blogger haha
Sometime feels like wanna blog something here and after long-wait for upload those photos
I almost forgot everything wanna post about, LMAO
Are this called Amnesia? Or the memory of fish  T-T

Lastly mi decided to compound all my photo and roughly described about it

#1 Fav food /Nice environment Cafe of the month

Roost Repurposed & Recycled cafe
All furniture and furnishing made with recycled resources, quite special and nice envonriment,
its much more bigger than the old Roost Cafe.

Grazia Cafe @ Sutera JB

Simply luv this cafe alotsss!!!!!! Actually this cafe is not so obvious at Sutera area,
As some of you guys will know.... too much restaurant and cafe there.
Went this cafe with my boy and both of us feel so surprised because its different with others cafe ,just a simple jazz music and the environment was so tranquil, like a library haha 

I love here sandwiches so much, OH and remember to change croissants
It taste more better than normal bread/toast♥

BF love this pasta but i forgot the dish names, so........*shyyy

Nice pizza too♥

And last, my super luvie hot brownie with ice-cream♥

Love Japanese food much and i think i ate a dozen times japanese food on Sept  -.- growing fat **cry

Starbucks Caramel Tea Jelly Frappuchino is new favourite too♥

#2 Fav things of the month

Finally received my Lazybone on this month
Lazybone black quality is better and sure its more costly :)

Lazybone Black- I Love Peace

Lazybone Original - Rhythm of Love

Had a new hair color on this month, i used to dye my hair in brown color and this time decided to change.


Its like abit pinkish and red and brown color, love it much! Thanks Inn House Hair Studio 

#3 Fav festival of the month

Yes of course is Mid Autumn Festival okay~!
Very first time be a organizer to had a small BBQ gathering with my family

Handmade jelly mooncake by me. Look at those word , im so CREATIVE max 
Seriously i think snow skin mooncake are so scary, for me it taste like eating dough-.-  *sorry for any snow skin mooncake lover :)
So Jelly mooncake is the best choice♥

OKAY That's all
Stay tune for my next long post 
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