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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

♥ 120313 Melaka Trip ♥

 Firstly i wanna to say happy birthday to my younger brother Cross Teo !  Wish you all the best in KL, please dont forget my Burberry and Jie jie will love you forever haha♥

He's younger than me 4 years but looks older than me btw 
We get used to misunderstood as a couple    *shyyy

Hello March 2013, 
Here's some photos of my trip during CNY

Melaka Trip with family 2D1N

Accidentally bought this top at Jonker Street, the kitty looks extremely cute and i like it ♥

Balcony always is the nice place for the poser LOL


I got my cheque!! Thanks nuffnang ♥

Lastly wanna share my new skincare products for you guys

I've been use Clinique skincare (Cleanser and Toner) for many years
Bought the star products last week ,its Clinique moisture surge
More hydrating than my previous moisturizer so i will repurchase again =D

Okay, till then