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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Didnt wear on my contact lens since last week, my eye inflamed again :( 

Since last week,
Right eye unstoppable tearing and stinging
and few days later

I cant believe that i almost blind and can see anything using my right eye! 
After consult doctor , medicine, eye drops im almost recovery 
I seems like trance without the color cons HA

I always plan to have a pink hair but due to my occupation now i cant get a weird hair (for somebody)


Hello my so shy HOT PINK HAIR!
Went to INN HOUSE studio a week ago and made this decision so suddenly
Got some hot pink highlighted on my hair, 

I hope can braces ASAP since i cant smile so naturally and im so embarrassing for my messy teeth
So ignore my weird lip shape

Holiday mode ON and im going to Genting tomorrow!
Yeah cant wait for the foggy foggy and cold weather♥


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

♥ 120313 Melaka Trip ♥

 Firstly i wanna to say happy birthday to my younger brother Cross Teo !  Wish you all the best in KL, please dont forget my Burberry and Jie jie will love you forever haha♥

He's younger than me 4 years but looks older than me btw 
We get used to misunderstood as a couple    *shyyy

Hello March 2013, 
Here's some photos of my trip during CNY

Melaka Trip with family 2D1N

Accidentally bought this top at Jonker Street, the kitty looks extremely cute and i like it ♥

Balcony always is the nice place for the poser LOL


I got my cheque!! Thanks nuffnang ♥

Lastly wanna share my new skincare products for you guys

I've been use Clinique skincare (Cleanser and Toner) for many years
Bought the star products last week ,its Clinique moisture surge
More hydrating than my previous moisturizer so i will repurchase again =D

Okay, till then 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

♥ The very first post on 2013! ♥

Unbelievable its March 2013 and finally started for my first blog on 2013.
Of course I'm fine here but lazy to blog and idk why
當然懶惰寫部落格的結果就是readers 越來越少我會很傷心 :'(

 Okay i want to share some photos for you guys about my 2012 
And as i promised on beginning of the year 2012

Few targets on 2012

1. Have my own car

Yea i achieved it! On Dec 2012, i bought myself a car as my birthday present.

Although its only a cheap car for somebody, but so meant to me. 
I spent alots saving for my first car. I work hard and put great effort for my online business and full time job. It was a huge present for myself, ever.

But unluckily my Lil S been crashed by a careless lorry driver (i just get my car less than a month)

But as my friends said: 破財消災
I didn't get hurt and fine, that's more than everything.

2. Get a healthy lifestyle

Thanks my boyfie Mr.Ste always force me to exercises like gym, badminton and also have a walk after a heavy dinner.  If not remember wrong, i was almost 48kgs (156cm) when studied in Taiwan. You know why? I'm too lazy for exercises and i always skip the PE classes from high school to college life.
In 2012 i lose 9-10kgs without any medications but i have a bad habit ,that is skip meal :(  I know that is not a good choice but i used to it. And now i get anemia easily *cryy
So new target in 2013 that is keep the weight but get a super healthy lifestyle!

3. Say goodbye for those bad luck

Yea we're getting more better and better :)

4. Braces

I BOUGHT CAR AND IM SO BROKE. So this postpone to 2013 target 

I have a ugly mouth shape and its getting uglier :(

I want to smile naturally and pretty like Angelababy♥ *Mission impossible**

5. Piano Diploma exam 

I want to say sorry for myself i didn't achieve this target on 2012. I will put more effort and fulfill my dreams!!♥

6. Travel Abroad

I went to Taiwan twice a year on June and August 2012. How crazy i was! Haha
Maybe i should go Bangkok or Hongkong on Aug but its has passed.
New target on 2013 coming soon ♥♥

Some photos of Taiwan trips

 i miss 師大夜市 alotssss

Lastly, here's my new target on 2013♥

1. 健健康康, 平平安安
2. Travel mission 2013: Islands, Taiwan*again*, Korea or Japan.
3. More income, more saving $$
4. Braces
5. Piano diploma
6. New project 2013 for my online business can go through sucessfully (Please visit FB: MikiLilStar)

Gah Yao for myself♥