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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ Outings♥

Had a lovely perfect weekend,spend with my dudes and babes. We're play,bitches and crazy together like nobody business♥ Everyone can't live their life alone,so we need    FRIENDS. (of course i know family larhhhhh :D)

(my pretty girl inside,guess who?)
Gianni's TrattoriaAddress:
Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi.
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.
had a super duper delicious dinner @ Gianni's Trattoria, the best italian restaurant in Johor Bahru (maybe whole JOHOR i think) Chef is an Italian,giving you a very authentic and excellent food there.I went there fews time already,totally in love with the TIRAMISU!!! i think you guys should try it!! no doubt on it, its also the most delicious tiramisu in JOHOR. No one refute okay =D Even our previous menghormati jb's sultan is the regular guest also♥

Well, the crispy pizza were really delicious!! But this is ordered by my friend so.. idk wat the name and i just eat! hahas

okay....ya is her!!! THE VERY DELICIOUS ONE TIRAMISU♥ when i ate this my face just like: OMG OMG OMG its really delicious~!!!!(with annoying's face)  took no much pic at there because all of us enjoyed the food:D

the very delicious tiramisu with me and my sweetie

After the great meal,the next programme is......天上人間 :P (translate to eng: Heaven's Earth lol)

 we took alot of pic at there, and my face and my eyes swollen like hell ,ok lar i will sleep early....if got chance larh... :X

Halo junior! im really the old senior, indeed~><' went to my previous high school FYHS, for FOOD. okay i know i know we just know EAT!(well girls always like that,diet tomorrow :{)

if you are JB's FYHS student,you should know what im talking about, AMAZING kueh tiao kia in JB.SEDAPNYA!two thumbs up

and then

continue eat eat eat....LOLX

ate alot food this few days, will keep going to cut my fatssss!!!btw, i really love the time with you all♥ see you all next year huh :'(   hugs and crying