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Sunday, December 26, 2010

♥ Merry Merry X'mas ♥

Merry X'mas all babeh~!

Time passed so fast, its 2nd christmas i spend in Taiwan, i think this year is more funnier and interesting than last year. As usual we celebrating the joyful christmas with Malaysian ,mostly are my secondary schoolmates.
Round 1 is my College's international students associations organize's Christmas Party. Hmm still nightmare for my poor hosting skill last year, SCARY!

Say hello to christmas tree, simply like it :)

Ohh forgot introduce to you all OTAKU STYLE is our theme for this year party(although i wore like pajamas), everyone enjoyed it =)

Tiny eyes me & MR. Spiderman with OTAKU style hahas :)

3 of us , Sugar, YouHui and me


Silent night ,holy night
Dear santa, i hope all the people who loves me and i loved beside me,
Forever ♥

The party ended like 8ish something, then we used 30min to change our clothes and prepare to the next party

XAGA night club in Taichung City

Unfortunately ,Taiwan's night club are not allowed to take picture inside, so here's some picture which taken from my friend

This is the very first time i club at Taiwan, quite different with Malaysia, the waiter are serving alcohol to all guest all the time,its FREE and unmixed too  (faint)

That's all :)

Again, Merry christmas dear all readers!
enjoy your holiday
bye muacks! ♥