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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

♥ Lazybone Lover ♥

Hello im back!

那時候人在國外念書  錢都要省省用
雖然就算有也只能望梅止渴看看麻豆拍穿搭這樣 (哭哭))

現在出社會了(感覺好滄桑 =3=)
因為他們家的設計真的很好看,質感也好好! 穿起來都好友腰身歐lol

今年8月到馬來西亞Sepang Golden Palm Resort穿的就是這一件

個人覺得Lazybone black的設計很個性, 適合搭很酷的造型

有時候想換有點可愛的Tee, 因為外面還會再搭外套所以不怕太幼稚xD

她是我第一件買滴Lazybone唷! 覺得上面的圖圖超級可愛的^^

還有她們家的Logo Tee必買!  就是我說穿起來很有腰身的本人>.< (羞))
這一件的布質和前面介紹的兩件不一樣, 感覺布質柔軟的剛剛好(那是身麼怪比喻?)

最後介紹的是馬來西亞孩紙到雲頂旅行/ 雨天時/ 看電影/ 晚上逛街必買
畢竟我們國家沒有冬天  平常大白天穿起來又好像會中暑

她也太厚拉! 所以我就說適合特定的天氣/場合穿絕對是正確的xD
只要有看電影或到戶外我都穿這一件, 已經成為我12月份的必需品了哈哈哈


有興趣購買的寶貝可以到FB: MikiLilStar 去訂購唷♥


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

♥ MikiLilStar Winter collection photoshooting ♥

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

♥ Hello Kitty Town, Nusajaya JB ♥


Actually this is a travel notes on Oct ha, and see how's lazy i am lol 
Went to Hello Kitty Town Family Theme Park, Nusajaya few weeks ago, 
Its a indoor theme park located at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
We  decided to go at the 1st opening day because i was too excited about Hello Kitty! 
NO i ain't Hello Kitty lover, just felt so touched finally we got a outdoor (Lego Land) &indoor theme park at JB

While waiting the BF stuck in the long queue to buy the tickets, 

It's my shopping time!!!!!
Hello Kitties & Melodies!!!!!!!!(CRAZY))

This is most my favourite Sanrio role - Little Twin Star (Kiki&Lala)
That's why i named my online shop as MikiLilStar , it's alike RIGHT? xD

The ticket price for Malaysian is RM50 (Only Hello Kitty or The Little Big Club) , RM85 for both
We bought 2 park passes
Ok here we go!

His expression so awesome, seems like not so happy? lol

Dancing Kitty, cute maxxxx

There have few studios and you can enjoy some activities like jewelry making, costume dress up , nail salon and etc. 
My favourite studio is this - Hello Kitty Black Wonder
Its a hi-tech interactive themed suitable for adult

Its related about Hello Kitty & her boyfie dear Daniel being kidnapped by Kuromi
and all the guest have to found out few threads save the Kitty 
Everyone turned to 007 in the moment haha

The kidnappers KUROMI 

I get my certificate then!

We choose few photos at the photobooth, it's quite costly and i choose alotsss accidentally
Argh, i should ask the price first *cry**

The Osaka Kitty at the Purrfect Stage

Next round - The Little Big Club

I turned to Boyish Miki and played crazily in the Bob's builder playground

Thomas and Friends!!

Watched a Barney dance show with many kids there
All the kids seems very enjoy and happily and some of them rushed forward to hug the Barney
So cute ♥

I may pay a visit again when the indoor theme park fully completed,
i think it will be more fun!

Ok, till then