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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

♥ 081210 ♥

Simply took this pic yesterday and thought i grow FAT, but actually LOST 3kg fats lately =.= DARN think i need to sleep more, but cant. Even take a nap in afternoon, either frightened awake because of nightmare,or idk why cant sleep more than a hour in afternoon T-T

I found this theme on 美圖秀秀! Its cool dudes!

AHA i planned to use this be mine banner before, but quite horrible maybe xD Like Vampire Diaries,pale face with a sexy red lip HEHE, i love ELENA/KATHERINE!! She looks charming and beautiful, with a wonderful body shape~gosh how i wish can be like her T=T'' 

OH well and this

Laugh me out looks like a girl who stole her friend's 變色龍糖 and left some proofs on her lip MUAHAHHAHAHHA = =

Well, craziness end here.

Dear all of us, we're fail but cant fall. 
We failed on this time,but doesn't mean forever.

I will fight for everything,
not only for me,
its for OURS.

老天會安排困難給我們 就是要讓我們做更對的選擇.