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Sunday, June 26, 2011

♥ Milk A Deal, Grab a deal nao! ♥

Hi peeps! Finally i have time to update my blog and vent out some of my feelings here. AHA, i means i've tried my best to adapt some change of my occupation, lifestyle .And i still always stunned while filling some form , and one of the option is OCCUPATION -.- I swear that had 99/100 times the answer i almost to write down is STUDENT LMAO . Lastly i filled in EDUCATION with very unacceptable face LOL
(Although i really hope that i am student, because it feels more younger xxD)

Okay back to the topic and stop my nonsense , i need a body care SERIOUSLY! And i know some folks would ask : ''Hey why don't you sign a package with some beauty company? '' Errr.... i've considered before read some news online, there had a lot of beauty center bilked the costly package and close down suddenly or as fast as they can.OMFG i don't hope my money gone like this!

So i tried to check out of this - MilkAdeal

All the price is up to 93% off oh my deer! This is so attractive and mostly in KL, so i was in KL nao! For sure this is also available in Pulau Pinang and Johor Bahru,but just a little bit only *sigh

Urgent needed** Im looking for a manicure and pedicure very long time and luckily i found this :D 

Apart from this we also can found out some food and beverage deal here **blinky eyes

The only i can do is continue starving because im on diet  >< But IFFF some people take it back for me,i can start my diet plan on tomorrow ,lols.

Okay this is some of my sharing today, click HERE for more details, hope you all like my blog today (quote from some anchor HAHAS)

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Oh well i will try my best to take some nice photos tomorrow and update my blog here,should update my blog often because my nuffnang earning not so much recently =( and maybe shall switch to blog in English often'' Hope you guys forgive my not so fluent english with lousy grammer, but i will put more efforts to learn more languages! At least i can blog in Japanese sometime hahaha


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

♥ Hello Baby OLYMPUS XZ-1! ♥

等了那麼多個月我終於用比兩個月前便宜RM200-300塊的價格買到她, 真是太好了(灑花)
是在Skudai一帶買的, 不是住在柔佛的孩子可能會有點遠 LOL

我老哥的NIKON還沒送修 (汗'')

Olympus XZ-1 specification highlights:

  • High Sensitivity 10MP CCD sensor
  • 28-112mm equivalent lens
  • F1.8-2.5 maximum aperture
  • CCD-shift image stabilization
  • Twin control dials, including one around the lens
  • ISO 100-6400
  • New TruPic V processor (as used in the company's PEN series)
  • Large 3.0" 621k (VGA equivalent) OLED display
  • 720p movie mode (30 fps in Motion JPEG format)
  • Micro HDMI connector
  • 6 Art Filters (As per the PEN series)
  • In-camera RAW conversion
  • Built-in flash, hotshoe and remote flash control
  • Built-in ND filter

唯一的缺點就是鏡頭蓋若沒拔下來直接開啟會用 '飛'的彈出來

接下來是試拍, 暫時還沒什麼帶出門所以都是在室內的照片阿哈哈 =.=





自拍無PS,也沒調色調,亮度 (相機的其中一個模式)



總得來說是超喜歡這一台的, 外型超讚也不會很重
有了新相機以後一定會好好拍很多照片出來的 (大心♥)