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Sunday, December 26, 2010

♥ Merry Merry X'mas ♥

Merry X'mas all babeh~!

Time passed so fast, its 2nd christmas i spend in Taiwan, i think this year is more funnier and interesting than last year. As usual we celebrating the joyful christmas with Malaysian ,mostly are my secondary schoolmates.
Round 1 is my College's international students associations organize's Christmas Party. Hmm still nightmare for my poor hosting skill last year, SCARY!

Say hello to christmas tree, simply like it :)

Ohh forgot introduce to you all OTAKU STYLE is our theme for this year party(although i wore like pajamas), everyone enjoyed it =)

Tiny eyes me & MR. Spiderman with OTAKU style hahas :)

3 of us , Sugar, YouHui and me


Silent night ,holy night
Dear santa, i hope all the people who loves me and i loved beside me,
Forever ♥

The party ended like 8ish something, then we used 30min to change our clothes and prepare to the next party

XAGA night club in Taichung City

Unfortunately ,Taiwan's night club are not allowed to take picture inside, so here's some picture which taken from my friend

This is the very first time i club at Taiwan, quite different with Malaysia, the waiter are serving alcohol to all guest all the time,its FREE and unmixed too  (faint)

That's all :)

Again, Merry christmas dear all readers!
enjoy your holiday
bye muacks! ♥

Friday, December 24, 2010

♥ 修平迎新演唱會2010 ♥

Hellow everyone, here's all the pix on 12/22 my school organize's concert, its really awesome because seems like 100~200 audience?

2010 HsiuPing christmas concert located in our school's hall, hmm

the VERY SCARY one photographer, Tiger Chai

After almost 30minutes waste my life time waiting, first group singer finally coming out. This is 南拳媽媽, 宇豪looking cute here, but another one....hmm i dunno who is he>< But i think he looks like a Singapore famous hair stylist, DAVID GAN. *shyshy

And next show is........ DJ XX from LUXY TAIPEI. Luxy is the most famous club in Taipei

okay with the sexiest dancer from Taipei also, Christmas girl hahas,
Cant imagine this is my SCHOOL LOLZ
Taiwan mar xD Guys dont envy!

and next, 殺很大瑤瑤 with another guy, hmm i dunno who is he
but he's so cute ! hahas

He looks like Korean but actually come from China 

All the guys really like her and cant stop their crazy screaming, hmm i dunno.

he really like a Prince hahas 

and the last group singer,神木與瞳!!!!!
likes their song few years ago, its powerful and.....GREAT.

黃美珍looks cute with a super tiny body, hmm EVVY =((( and her voice damn nice and powerful too!!

Enjoy the video :P

Santa Claus is coming to town!
Gonna attend a party
Stay Tune

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

♥ きもの第一次穿和服 ♥

終於! 在上禮拜學習怎麼穿和服了


小鳥 臉
其實我在記穿和服的步驟 要考試也! (汗)

穿好之後的拍照時間 XD


重點是唯一一張的個人照 我的表情卻超.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

♥ Dearest Grandma ♥




一個老公公牽著一個老婆婆一起走了 他們笑的好慈祥好幸福

他們幾十年沒見面了現在一定有很多東西可以聊  =)

再見了  我最摯愛的外婆 
我好愛你.... 真的    好愛好愛
你的笑容 你的慈祥 你的可愛
永遠在我腦海裡 不會消失

新年快到了, 等我回馬的時候去看你喔


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

♥ Ordinary 22th の 誕生日♥

Sorry if my swollen face make you frighten or something -.-  Its time to keep fit again,DUAPUI

Ok,lets say about my birthday, due to some trouble matter happen in this year so i decided dont want to celebrate my birthday like past.
And so we went to YECHANG! (means sing from midnight to next day morning)


outfit of the day

♥  new tassel boots!
the weather turned to winter on this month....

thanks for my babe Reily came from YUNLIN to accompany me =)
1.5 hour distance :')

and the guy~!! JY from TAIPEI
touched larh 真有心  :'(

and now till i know how much my babes are also the nice poser like me !!! =P

gay are always gay! hahas

and HELLO what are you doing? reading?!  *sweating

♥ my darlings 

all of us
Gao, Ken, Shawn,JY
Reily Babe,ME, Sugar Babe ♥


Hanging out with my dears on sun. 

with the guys

一中街 mr.38

still considering what to eat .....

pedas arh!!

and i buy something for myself
so called birthday present
but as you know i always have many excuse to buy present for my own  *shy ;)

*LANVIN eclat d'arpege is new favourite!

and the cute scrumpy notebook

thanks my 應日二甲's classmate~♥
its definately suit my blogspot background now hahas!

Lastly, Happy 22th birthday for me :)