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Thursday, April 21, 2011

♥ Melliesh Latest Product : BB cream & Loose Powder!! ♥

Finally ,Melliesh new product are release!! You might don't know how long time i was waiting for it

Yui Kanno, as a famous Japanese model which you can saw her in the magazine often. Such as Popteen and Popsister.  SHE WAS REALLY CUTE AND GORGEOUS

Melliesh, produced by her (Yui Kanno) ,the packaging is very nice and pretty! And of course the quality was nice too because i had use all of this on my face. So, why don't you grab it for yourself?! Can show off the small pretty thingy while you using this at restroom/dressing room, somebody asking you: 'Hey, what is this?It looks CUTESS!! '

Then it's time to SHOW OFF yourself, muahahhahahahahha

Okay,let's back to the topic (i know its out of the topic so far away haha)

Link : http://www.jbtalks.cc/thread-763259-1-1.html

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