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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ Candy Doll, Melliesh, Dolly Wink again again!! ♥

*My black hair turning to Brown+ blonde colour totally T____________T Less than one month ''

and NOW i wanna show you

 CANDY DOLL new product release!!!

*Candy Doll LipGloss (New!)*7 Colours - RM87
*Candy Doll Precious Loose Powder - RM110

I'm selling D.UP EYELASHES TOO!!

RM 55

and also Melliesh!

*Melliesh Blush*6 Colours - RM49
*Melliesh eyelashes*3 types - RM45
*Melliesh LipGloss*6 Colours - RM45

 Of course Dolly Wink!

NEW! Dolly Wink Nail Polish  RM38 (each colour)
P/S:  Malaysia havent release yet,be the first and special WOW!   :D
Dolly Wink's eyelashes is mine favourite also~~
 Its natural and special!

SO, Whatz you waiting for? 
Visit my website now~!
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see you there,muarcks!