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Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥ New 200111 ♥

應該把劉海留長的, fml.

Friday, January 7, 2011

♥ The Very First post on 2011! ♥


Ellow people~! I felt so embarrassed for myself because its my first post on 2011 *shy , hrm.... i was busy-ing on my studied, work and some more online business . Although its freaking waste my time and EQ but i still enjoyed on it =) SO.... support me plssssss!
Okay.......seriously i really wanna change a new hair style on 2011 because all of them are DAMAGED!First i wanna do a deep deep treatment and secondly dye a new color! Beautylabo is favourite and first choice ! hahas

*with flash

This also my new favourite! Did you see some blingy inside! Its COOL!
Lovin it ♥

on 1st Jan 2011, our lecturer brought us went visit some tourist attractions like: Taichung-MiaoLi

All of us unstoppable eating and walking whole day, since i got eye infection on the day so i didnt took many picture for myself haha


like this okay marh?

Final exam is coming soon, GOOD LUCK for me!!